18W 220v White DOB LED Chip with Driver


220V 18W 34 LED Cold white pcb board with integrated IC driver for LED bulb, sealing lights, spot light etc.


18W DOB led chips are widely used in Ceiling lighting, spotlight,  Indoor Lighting, Special lighting, bulb light, tracking light, spotlight, floodlight, dinner lighting and so.

  • Input AC170-275V.
  • No need driver.
  • 34 LED
  • Integrated IC technology without electrolytic capacitors and transformers longer life.
  • Products are small, allowing more flexibility and more creative lighting design.
  • High power factor(>90%) and low total harmonic distortion easily through the EMC certification.
  • Power conversion efficiency overall program high light efficiency(>90lm/w).
  • Suitable for dimmer dimming TRIAC dimming some electronic transfer.
  • Suitable bulb, candle lamps, down lights, ceiling lights.


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