Activated Carbon Tap Water Double Purifier Filter


Activated Carbon Tap Water Double Purifier Filter Head Water Purifier Use For Kitchen Faucet Tap



A must item for home & office uses. Compact, environmental & easy to install. Great item for reducing residual chlorine in water as well as removing -Makes water pure and tasty & bland, avoiding splashing. Treatment by internal organizational level to achieve the rapid purification of layered filtering effect. Reduce and control the faucet water flow, to prevent splashes and save water.

Retractable filter design, improves practical & economical Complete physical purification to avoid secondary pollution. Apply for the circular tap which has protuberant nozzle and diameter of 16-17mm, please confirm that before purchase.

Filter layer: polyester
External shell: AS resin, PVC
Color: blue & transparent
Size: 60 x 32 x 32mm

Package included:
1 *  Tap Water Filter


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