Gas Compressor Pump TX 2000G Improved Version


This gas compressor pump is more powerful and energy saving then KADA 850G gas compressor pump. It sucks low gas pressure and provide with high pressure. It consumes only 20W in on state. Also works on UPS.


TX2000G Gas Compressor pump also know as gas increasing pump, gas pressure machine which sucks air or gas and provide with pressure. Mostly it is used to increase gas pressure and in aquariums for oxygen.

Gas compressor pump is high quality, low power consumption and Good Results. Gas compressor pump is perfect for sucking air and gas pressure. It is a best alternative to KADA gas compressor machine available at best price in Pakistan.


  • Model: TX 2000G (Improved Version)
  • Input Volt: 220v AC
  • Input Power: 20W
  • Pressure: Adjustable
  • Application: Air, Gas Compression
  • Plug: EU
  • Weight: 0.8kg


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