NRF24L01 SMD 2.4GHz Low Voltage Wireless Module


NRF24L01 SMD 2.4GHz Enhanced Version Wireless Module Mini Power Receiver Transceiver



NRF24L01 + wireless module
2Mbit / s 1Mbit / s 250Kbit / s transfer rate options
MultiCeiver hardware to provide the 6 receiver functions at the same time
+ / – 60 ppm crystal
Only need an external inductance when match antenna
No multi-layer PCB
5V input tolerance level
No need external level converter
Improved ShockBurst and serial interface can be easily connected with a variety of low-cost MCU
No MCU with SPI Interface
20 pin 4x4mm QFN leadless package very few external components
The 2Mbit / s rate when the peak current 12.5mA received
The 2Mbit / s rate @ 0dBm output current of 11mA peak
2Mbit / s rate of only a small average current
400nA Power-down mode, power consumption
Power consumption of 32uA in standby mode
130us fast switching and wake-up time
With on-chip voltage regulator oltage regulators
In the 1.9 to 3.6V low voltage operation
Possible to reduce noise

Application: Mouse, keyboard, wireless headsets, intelligent sports equipment, remote controls, voice applications, security devices, VOIP applications.


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